Georgetown Texas Wedding Photographer | Les and Erin

It was my first time at The Page House and it was a blast! Les and Erin are two very unique people with two very unique laughs.

I was able to play DJ for the getting ready portion of the day and Erin asked me to play Beyonce on pandora. Somehow it turned into early 90’s music which was a pleasant  surprise. Some songs I didn’t know but Erin and her brides maids never skipped a bit to singing along and moving to the beat.

Getting to hang with Les prior to the ceremony was a treat. He has one of the most distinct laughs you will ever hear and it really brings joy to everyone around.

The ceremony was very cozy and full of smiles. Afterwards I got to take Les and Erin and try to make some amazing pictures that they would love. They were great sports and of course laughing with each other most of the time.

During the Reception everyone was talking and laughing and I remember just listening to all the different sounds and laughter and it made me laugh. It was a night to remember and a joy to be a part!