7 Things I Learned as a Photographer in 2014 | Austin Texas Freelance Photographer

Looking back on this awesome year I learned a lot and went through a lot of changes. Moving to Austin Texas and starting new was such a unique time for my wife and I. Not only did we move to Austin but we launched a revised Photography / Video business. Many of you may know how difficult it is to start anything new and the trials that come with it, but this past year has truly been a blessing and I’m glad I lived through it.

I just wanted to share 7 Things I Learned as a Photographer in 2014

1. Some moments happen very suddenly and alertness is key to capturing them.
I remember a few times out shooting and having to rush to capture a moment that may have never come back again to be captured. From this I learned to stay alert and keep my camera either close by or up close to my eye to hit the shutter button when the moment comes.

2. The more I shoot the better I seem to get.
This almost goes without saying but practice, practice, practice. No one has gotten great at anything without practicing and this is no exception for photography. Some things I recomend is to learn your gear so when it comes time to shoot it becomes second nature.

3. Its more effective for me to plan out a shot rather then just take a lot and hope for something good.
I enjoy capturing a moment as it happens but I always try to set myself up for success. I practice trying to put myself in a position to create the best image possible so if something does happen I wont worry about the framing being wrong and something unwanted in the picture. Don’t get me wrong some situations do need to be motor driven, captured consecutively and fast, but I found planning a shot has more success.

4. Staying open minded is key for awesome creative pictures. 
You don’t always need to take images the exact same way all the time. I make it a point in my shoots to try crazy new things in hopes of making something awesome and I think this sets me apart as a photographer.

5. Keep progressing .
I think this ties into being passionate about what you do. I almost always find myself in one way or another trying to take my skill to another level. Be it new equipment or learning from others success or even mistakes I always try to be a student of what I do. I never want to think “I made it” because then I feel I will become stagnant and won’t be able to deliver an awesome product. Stay a student!

6. Work on people skills.
As a photographer there is a short amount of time with a client and for them to feel comfortable. People skills will help them become comfortable with you faster and in my experience this leads to better pictures. I love to make people laugh and I believe this helps with people feeling comfortable with me.

7. Have fun.
It is sometimes easy to get stressed out when your shooting and I think the best way to diffuse it is to have fun. I’m a firm believer in leading by example so if I have fun people around me should also have fun.

Here is looking back on an awesome 2014 and looking forward to an even better 2015!