Austin Texas Engagement Photographer |Tom and Greta at Red Bud Isle Park

My wife and I had a blast working with Tom and Greta at Red Bud Isle Park. They brought there dog (who was in a few pictures) and she fit right in. There seemed to be more dogs then people while we were there and it made for some great entertainment to see how the dogs interacted with each other. I specifically remember when Tom and Greta where sitting on a boulder that was across from a little stretch of water and a big dog (I think it was a huskie) came running in full speed to just play in the water and we all laughed!

While we walked around to find some good places we passed by a little spot off the trail which my wife saw and took note of. We kept going around a finding some new places and the pictures were awesome. After we were done My wife remembered the spot we had passed by. Tom and Greta were such good sports and went right into the spot she found and it made for some great pictures. (The one above is that spot)

We had such a good time and now know a great spot for not only photography but for our dog to go and play.