What Color is this Dress?

So my wife showed me the original picture on the left side and asked me what color it was. Right away I said Blue and Black and she freaked out because she saw people on the internet say it was white and Gold. At first I thought she was playing a trick on me but then after seeing the buzzfeed post I saw that people were in a huge debate.

Instantly when I saw the picture I knew it wasn’t exposed properly, So I took the photo into my editing software to figure it out! The blue was a light shade and the black was toward brown tones. My conclusion was the white balance was off and maybe a lens flare to desaturate the color and causing a reduction of the contrast. So i did a few adjustments and what you see on the right is what I think the picture was supposed to look like a Blue dress with black horizontal lines.

I felt like posting about this to help people when choosing a Good Photographer. If the photographer is not good at visualizing or seeing proper exposure and color it may cost you on the images you end up with. Hope this helps someone!