Austin Texas Wedding Photographer | Katie and Matt Bridal Shoot at Zilker Botanical Garden

Katie and Matt were such a sweet couple to work with. They had just gotten married and wanted to do a romantic newlywed photo shoot together in one of their favorite places in town, the Zilker Botanical Gardens. This place is absolutely gorgeous and great for this silly romantic couple. They were so sweet to each other and playful at the same time, I’m sure they would inspire anyone that would’ve seen them to be better and let go a little. We had so much fun working with them that time just flew by. Congratulations Katie and Matt, I hope your joy continues to inspire people and that you enjoyed your photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Austin / Round Rock Texas Wedding Videographer | Bryson and Ashly at Villa Antonia

This year we had the honor of doing videography for the wedding of Bryson and Ashly Tucker. We have worked with this amazing couple multiple times before through Bryson’s business, Sacrifice Training, but this day was special. It was a perfect day, the venue, Villa Antonia, made you feel like you left Austin, TX and stepped into a romantic movie in Italy. The bride looked stunning in a classic lace dress, and the groom looked sharp with his light colored suit, both very fitting for their day-time wedding ceremony which was held at the chapel of the venue that had beautiful huge windows and the best natural lighting. The ceremony was romantic, fun, and heartwarming. Following it was an awesome reception… I mean, everyone was on the dance floor. You could tell that friends and family were so happy to see this couple getting married, After all, it’s not every day that you see a young couple that exuberates love and respect for each other as much as they do. Bryson and Ashly, once again, congratulations on your wedding, we hope you loved your video.

Austin Texas Engagment Photographer | Gabriella and Jason Engagment Shoot at Lake Travis

Wow what a fun and new experience with Gabriella and Jason Shooting some engagement pictures for them at lake Travis on their boat.

First pulling up to the lake Jason so nicely picked me up on a golf cart to take me to the boat. in those few minutes talking with Jason I found out we both enjoy fishing and he had some awesome stories of a recent trip he took.

Getting to the boat I was blown away with how comfy and cozy it was. On top it looked like a boat but inside it was like an apartment. it was very spacious and would make for a cool vacation trip on a boat.

Gabriella and Jason first wanted to go out more into the lake to start shooting. Ive been to Lake Travis before but not to this particular location. When we found a good spot we setup for the first pictures and they were so awesome! I also realized they both had similar tastes in humor and we all laughed pretty hard about a few things which also made for some authentically happy pictures.

Later Jason wanted to try another location and I had the idea to keep Gabriella where she was to try to take some pictures like that. The image above is what was capture during that time and we all loved it!

After a few more spots and poses we decided we had enough great pictures and called it quits.

This was such a cool experience shooting pictures on a boat with these two awesome people and I had a blast!


Austin / Round Rock Texas Wedding Videographer | Shane and Sara at Vintage Villas

On the beautiful day of October 10th, 2015, we had the privilege of doing video at a true fairy tale wedding. We got to tell the beautiful story of an Irish man who met his beautiful Thai bride and they lived happily ever after. It was so heartwarming to capture two cultures coming together through love. The wedding of Shane and Sara was filled with close friends and family who clearly love and support this great couple and their furry baby (their dog), Sheena. This is one of those couples that you see on the streets and think to yourself #LoveGoals. Congratulations Shane and Sara, we hope you loved your videos as much as we did capturing your special day.

Austin Texas Wedding Photographer and Videographer | Luis and Laura wedding at Texas Old Town  

A few weekends ago we had the privilege of doing photography and videography for the wedding of Luis and Laura at Texas Old Town in Austin Texas. I say privilege because all it takes is one moment next to them and it will inspire you to love your spouse better. They are a couple who is clearly madly in love with each other and their wedding was a perfect reflexion of that. Every detail was done with such beauty and livelihood.

Have I mentioned that they are a Mexican couple? Well, their wedding was filled with glorious, fun, cultural traditions which again only reflected the couple even better.

Thank you Luis and Laura for allowing us to capture this special inspiring moment of your lives. We wish you guys the very best in life!

Austin Texas Wedding Videographer | Marco and Terri Ceremony at Bethany United Methodist Church and Reception at Villa St Clair

Terri contacted me originally wanting to know if I was able to live stream the ceremony for the family that would not be able to make the event in Chile. I never live streamed a wedding but I have live stream for other events and churches  so I told here if I was able to check the internet speed at the church I can tell her if I was able to.

The churches internet was good enough to stream and I did and we had great feedback from those watching and they were happy to be able to be a part of the big day. Its crazy to think that someone across the world is able to watch a wedding happening in real time.

After the ceremony we headed to the Villa St Clair and wow what an amazing venue! I’m pretty sure it was made just for weddings cause it had everything and then some. Before Marco and Terri arrived to the reception they had some dance instructors give a few lessons on how to dance salsa and a few other styles of dance. It was so cool to see people of all ages participate in learning a new dance so they would be able to dance during Marco and Terri’s reception.

The whole night was full of fun dancing and laughing and I’m sure that is exactly what the newly weds wanted. It was such a blast to be apart of there big day and I’m so privaleged to do what I do. Congratulations Marco and Terri!

Austin Texas Wedding Photographer | Jim and Carlota at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

Jim and Carlota were a pleasure to work with and I loved that I was able to be apart of their special day!

When I arrived at the church I met Carlota’s good friend that spoke mostly Spanish and Somehow we were able to communicate a laugh about language (I know a Little Spanish) . We laughed at how cultures are so different even though they speak the same language and somehow people are able to meet and get to know each other even from completely different cultural backgrounds.

It was a small ceremony, Jim and Carlota’s families both showed up to be apart and it was very special. After they said I do I was able to take some formal pictures with everyone that turned out very nice.

After that we went out side for a bit of a change of scenery. I was able to take a few fun pictures with Jim and Carlota and they seemed to enjoy it since the told me the were very fun / crazy people, that’s probably why I was able to connect with them so well.

I felt so privileged to be apart of there special time and wish them the best for there future. Congrats Jim and Carlota!