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Austin Texas Wedding Videographer | Eunice and Eric at Creekside in Driftwood Texas

When Vanessa (Mother of the groom) contacted me about shooting her sons wedding I really hoped that the date she asked for was open and it was! I previously did video for her daughters wedding and I knew if this wedding would be anything like Priscilla and Walter’s wedding then it would be a great time!

Getting to the first location where Eunice was getting ready I was amazed at the venue and how elegant it was being it was my first time there. I was able to capture the moments of anticipation in Eunice’s face as she got here make-up touched up. The moments before the ceremony are always so important for me to capture because its usually the time the bride and groom are apart but they both usually love seeing those moments after.

The ceremony was held at the same church Prascilla and Walters wedding was so I was very familiar and remembered a few of the people. it was very nice.

The reception venue was a blast and it was my first time shooting there and I loved it! I was able to meet the owner and he was a blast never a dull moment with him. The staff was also very nice and took care of me a if I was a guest of the wedding. As all the family and friends came in I was able to sneak Eunice and Eric away to capture some special moments between them and it was amazing! The reception consisted of a dance battle that I was surprised to see a lot of very talented dancers that had some great moves.

This Family was a pleasure to work with as always, and to Eunice and Eric may you have a glorious life together with many blessings!


Austin Texas Wedding Videographer and Photographer | Leah and Andrew Wedding The springs event Venue in Georgetown Texas

Leah and Andrew were such a privileged to work with. The originally contacted me to do their engagement pictures, and we all really had a good time. So much so the wanted me to do their wedding. My wife and I ended up doing Video and Photography for their big day. (My wife did the photos were a good team)

I really felt like even though we were hired to take pictures and video we made it a goal of ours to make Leah and Andrew have the best day of their lives. The whole day was real laid back and it felt like family. The Springs event  venue is really a special place for couples to get married it seems as though it a one stop location and it was perfect.

The ceremony was beautiful and it was filled with a lot of joy! The reception came and Andrew’s dance with his mom was priceless. (You can see some of it in the video below) Another memorable thing was Andrew’s groom cake it was a grill with all the good stuff on it.  I was very Impressed. Another thing was the people who caught the garter and bouquet were dating! Can anyone else hear the church bells ringing?

We had a fun time and it looked like everyone else did also. They were so great to work with and a big congratulations to Leah and Andrew!





Austin Texas Wedding Photographer | Katie and Matt Bridal Shoot at Zilker Botanical Garden

Katie and Matt were such a sweet couple to work with. They had just gotten married and wanted to do a romantic newlywed photo shoot together in one of their favorite places in town, the Zilker Botanical Gardens. This place is absolutely gorgeous and great for this silly romantic couple. They were so sweet to each other and playful at the same time, I’m sure they would inspire anyone that would’ve seen them to be better and let go a little. We had so much fun working with them that time just flew by. Congratulations Katie and Matt, I hope your joy continues to inspire people and that you enjoyed your photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Austin Texas Engagment Photographer | Gabriella and Jason Engagment Shoot at Lake Travis

Wow what a fun and new experience with Gabriella and Jason Shooting some engagement pictures for them at lake Travis on their boat.

First pulling up to the lake Jason so nicely picked me up on a golf cart to take me to the boat. in those few minutes talking with Jason I found out we both enjoy fishing and he had some awesome stories of a recent trip he took.

Getting to the boat I was blown away with how comfy and cozy it was. On top it looked like a boat but inside it was like an apartment. it was very spacious and would make for a cool vacation trip on a boat.

Gabriella and Jason first wanted to go out more into the lake to start shooting. Ive been to Lake Travis before but not to this particular location. When we found a good spot we setup for the first pictures and they were so awesome! I also realized they both had similar tastes in humor and we all laughed pretty hard about a few things which also made for some authentically happy pictures.

Later Jason wanted to try another location and I had the idea to keep Gabriella where she was to try to take some pictures like that. The image above is what was capture during that time and we all loved it!

After a few more spots and poses we decided we had enough great pictures and called it quits.

This was such a cool experience shooting pictures on a boat with these two awesome people and I had a blast!


Austin Texas Wedding Photographer | Jose and Dana at Stone House Villa

These two were a pleasure to work with and made it easy to capture some great Pictures of their wedding day. Both of there families were such sweet people and you could easaliy feel the love they had for each other.

Of of the most memorable moments was the first look with Dana’s dad before the ceremony. He was telling her how beautiful she looked and she replied saying this is your wife’s dress and they both started crying with a rush of emotion.

The ceremony was very nice and had a special time of worship during it because that’s how Jose and Dana wanted to start their marriage off.

We decided after formal pictures to try something a bit different and we managed to produce the awesome picture you see above.

During the reception there was many people that had great things to tell the couple after the toasts, and after that everyone partied to celebrate and the dance floor was on fire.

We were able to steal away a few more times for some sunset pictures and then we had the send off with bubbles!

The staff Stonehouse Villa are great and its such a lovely wedding venue! Overall its was a great fun time and i wish Jose and Dana Many great years of Marriage.

Congratulations Jose and Dana!

Georgetown Texas Engagement Photographer | Jose and Dana at Downtown Georgetown Texas

Jose and Dana were so much fun to work with. They had a few shots in mind but really just let me input my thoughts and ideas. We walked around downtown Georgetown and found some really awesome spots. I think what really made this shoot great was that all of us had input and we put all of our ideas together.

Being that Georgetown is a few miles outside of Austin made it seem like we weren’t close to a big city at all but more like we were in a nice Texas town with a lot of history and and cool Texas Vibe. I love shoots like this because it makes for great pictures and makes it really easy to capture something great.

Austin Texas Engagement Photographer |Tom and Greta at Red Bud Isle Park

My wife and I had a blast working with Tom and Greta at Red Bud Isle Park. They brought there dog (who was in a few pictures) and she fit right in. There seemed to be more dogs then people while we were there and it made for some great entertainment to see how the dogs interacted with each other. I specifically remember when Tom and Greta where sitting on a boulder that was across from a little stretch of water and a big dog (I think it was a huskie) came running in full speed to just play in the water and we all laughed!

While we walked around to find some good places we passed by a little spot off the trail which my wife saw and took note of. We kept going around a finding some new places and the pictures were awesome. After we were done My wife remembered the spot we had passed by. Tom and Greta were such good sports and went right into the spot she found and it made for some great pictures. (The one above is that spot)

We had such a good time and now know a great spot for not only photography but for our dog to go and play.