Laura and Julio Wedding in San Antonio

Laura and Julio were such an amazing couple to work with. Julio is a cousin of Selina who’s wedding we shot a few years prior.

When Mil and I first came to the house Laura was getting ready at we instantly felt like family. The love and joy everyone had was contagious and we fit right in. Capturing candid moments was a breeze and didn’t feel forced at all.

We had some time scheduled to get to do a session with just Julio and Laura at the venue where the reception was held. There was a beautiful water fall and a lot of amazing locations on the property that made for some amazing memories.

The ceremony was held at the most amazing looking church and made from some very classic yet modern pictures. At the ceremony all the family showed up and we knew a lot of them so it was hugs all around. Its always touching to see tears of joy come down the families face and the ceremony had plenty of it.

After the ceremony we headed to the reception venue where the party started with mariachis and dancing and of course delicious food. This family knew how to have a good time and it was like reliving Selina and Michaels wedding all over again and the family didn’t skip a beat. We enjoyed every moment of Laura and Julio’s wedding and would love to get the family together again and party!