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Austin Texas Engagment Photographer | Gabriella and Jason Engagment Shoot at Lake Travis

Wow what a fun and new experience with Gabriella and Jason Shooting some engagement pictures for them at lake Travis on their boat.

First pulling up to the lake Jason so nicely picked me up on a golf cart to take me to the boat. in those few minutes talking with Jason I found out we both enjoy fishing and he had some awesome stories of a recent trip he took.

Getting to the boat I was blown away with how comfy and cozy it was. On top it looked like a boat but inside it was like an apartment. it was very spacious and would make for a cool vacation trip on a boat.

Gabriella and Jason first wanted to go out more into the lake to start shooting. Ive been to Lake Travis before but not to this particular location. When we found a good spot we setup for the first pictures and they were so awesome! I also realized they both had similar tastes in humor and we all laughed pretty hard about a few things which also made for some authentically happy pictures.

Later Jason wanted to try another location and I had the idea to keep Gabriella where she was to try to take some pictures like that. The image above is what was capture during that time and we all loved it!

After a few more spots and poses we decided we had enough great pictures and called it quits.

This was such a cool experience shooting pictures on a boat with these two awesome people and I had a blast!


Austin Wedding Photographer | Michael and Selina’s Wedding Nature’s Point Venue

Michael and Selina’s wedding was very special for me. They’re full time missionaries who met in the missions field, in Mozambique with Iris Ministries. They got married on February 2, 2014… That’s Super Bowl Sunday for those that may not have known. As a man who loves football, it was surprising, but thinking about it, these two are literally world changers, and to be invited to share in the most important day of their lives and be able to make that night last forever with photographs it was an honor for me. They had a fun filled ceremony at Nature’s Point Venue, by Lake Travis, Austin. They had friends from all over the world come and be a part of their day, and their pictures are filled with smiles, and dancing people. I’m sure Selina’s father was airborne 80% of the time since he didn’t stop dancing (and I have pictures to prove it). Congratulations Selina and Michael. May your marriage be as inspiring as the work that you do.