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5 Tips for hiring the Right Wedding Photographer

Here are 5 Tips for hiring the Right Wedding Photographer.

1. Connection

I believe this is the number one most important thing on the list! If you are able to connect to the photographer and they are able to connect with you, they will be able to tell your story in a way that best shows who you are. Also, connecting with a photographer will show you how they will connect with your family and friends the day of the wedding. I’ve done video for a few weddings were I could tell the connection between the photographer and the couple just wasn’t there, they just weren’t clicking with everyone. I think the initial connection begins with the first meeting, this is why I stress to my couples so much to meet face to face because it helps develop a connect no email could.

2. Budget

Your budget will determine whether you should have the initial meeting with the photographer or not. Their pricing is typically on their website or you may need to contact them to ask for pricing. Please Please Please do not just let some Joe Shmo thats going to charge just dinner, and that just bought a camera yesterday shoot your wedding just because he would be “Budget Friendly.” I’ve heard too many stories of couples who didn’t want to pay a professional and regret having horrible pictures or even worse the person never gave them any. It just breaks my heart to know that couples don’t have the biggest day of their life captured well because they didn’t want to hire a professional.

Typically packages are offered and depending on your budget you should be able to find a package that will work great for you. Please  budget for a Photographer…please.

3. Reviews

Reviews will tell you right from the beginning a few things: One, if they are trustworthy enough to follow through with what they’re doing, and two, how the overall experience for people are with that particular photographer. Today it is easy to look up reviews to see what people say about a wedding photographer, and I would recommend reading as many as you can to see what others say about their experience.

4. Style

I’ve come to realize that photography is an art and every artist and every person viewing the art sees it and interprets it in their own way. That being said, every photographer has a style and their work will show you. Some really good photographers are able to adjust their style as well to better fit the needs and wants of the bride and groom. I recommend to all of our couples who we meet with to pic out a few wedding pictures and tell me what specifically they like and dislike about each image that way I can get a better idea of the style they want.

5. Copyright

This one is soooo huge! I’ve heard horror stories of couples who hire a photographer and try to use their own pictures only to find out they need to license them from the photographer, and sometimes need to pay more for the full resolution file! That is crazy! Why on earth would you pay to have your wedding day covered only to have to pay more to use your pictures.

I recommend finding a photographer that will give you the full resolution and the full rights to YOUR images. Our policy is to give our couples full rights to all the images and we just ask to use them for our website and social media, so everything you see on my website is owned by the Bride and Groom that are in the pictures. If at any moment a couple wants us to take down their picture its done and done legally since they own the picture.

-BONUS- Turnaround Time

I know this was 5 tips but here is a bonus! Turnaround time is the time between the wedding to the time you get your images back. Everyone has different times and you should ask whoever you are wanting to book. Some people do a Month or a few months (I do 3 weeks tops). Make sure your photographer clarifies this and make sure it is in the contract.

There you have it 5 (or 6) Tips for hiring the Right Wedding Photographer. I hope you found this helpful and let me know if you have any questions.